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I have worked with Chemynne on performances since 2007, which I tend to consider the start of my professional DJ career, and have managed to perform for her club nights several times over the years. It’s safe to say that in my line of work, it is hard to come by a promoter who operates on the level of professionalism that Chemynne does. I have played literally hundreds of shows on 4 continents and have had a plethora of experiences. She she still stands out as the one of the most pleasant and rational people to work with. Her acute attention to detail is only out matched by her impeccable organizational skills, and level-headedness if stressful situations arise. In circumstances where I would worry myself into a fit, she pieces together a strategy to combat any issue, and with solid logic, comes up with a plan that always succeeds, and often times exceeds all expectations. I feel very lucky to have come across her as early as I did in my career, for she has essentially ‘set the bar’ for how doing smart business brings great rewards.

Now the big question: What is the drive behind all of this? Chemynne has a passion for all things beautiful in life, from a love of music, to growing food, to pushing the arts — all the way to the education of her child as well as others! My history with Chemynne demonstrates someone who is beyond willing and capable of delivering an ongoing promise to bring something unique to the viewer. With this steadfast determination to connect people together through the performances • exhibits • shows she organizes; Chemynne networks communities everywhere to share similar ideas. She’s worked tirelessly to bring groups together in all sorts of creative ways from design work to music, and has come up with new ideas over time to make music business even more effective. When it comes to getting people active and involved in their community, she is, for lack of a better word, the glue.


— Mike Richards aka Random Movement
Flight Pattern Records


Chemynne has been a joy to work with not only for her attention to detail but also for her passion and the personal touch she brings. The night I played in Portland was a great success and one of the best of our American tour that year. She has a strong idea of what she wants to achieve and who she wants to reach — and is working very hard to make it a success.

— Zula Gambit Warner aka Artificial Intelligence
(London, UK)

Oregon rooted, Chemynne's compassionate approach and tireless dedication to the arts has cultivated a thriving and diverse community. From her long-standing Drum & Bass club night JUICE, to her graphic design work developing many of Portland's best-known green brands, Chemynne's booking agency Bassroutes feels like a natural evolution.

— Nathan Hayes aka Atlantic Connection
(Bogota, Colombia)

Chemynne's work is synonymous with quality, passion and taste! I’ll continue to collaborate with her on more things in the future, as we have in the past.


— Speech Thomas, Arrested Development (the band)

(Atlanta, GA)

This is is an extremely well thought out business, backed by sound experience. I know Chemynne to be exceptionally motivated, responsible and professional. Additionally, she has deep passion for adding to the greater good of the planet, by shifting traditional business structures toward organizations that are socially integrated and locally sustainable.

— Paul Hawken
Author, Environmentalist, Entrepreneur
(San Francisco, California)

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