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Chemynne, Owner of BassRoutes



Jungle and drum and bass have always been supported and carried on by passionate and devoted people. Chemynne is truly one of them. What she creates with her JUICE shows and now her agency BassRoutes, she does with a big heart, because she truly loves the music and wants to share that with everyone. And the little extra bit of the story is that she's a real Pro at her job! My debut with BassRoutes has been a success, and my US tours to date have been some of the highlights and best moments of

my DJ life.

—Julian Salvi aka REDEYES

(Toulouse, France)

The Land Trust has worked with Chemynne for

more than 13 years. In that time she has directed

our brand, delivering top notch products which

are consistent and innovative. We’ve always appreciated her high environmental standards, attention to detail, and dedication to great

visual representation.

Sarah Mowry, Outreach Manager, Deschutes Land Trust
(Bend, Oregon)

How did BassRoutes get here and what do we do?


Launching from JUICE Drum and Bass nights running in Oregon since 2005, BassRoutes provides exceptional agency service to comprehensively meet artists’ tour and promotional needs. With deep roots in the music industry, and over two decades of design and marketing experience, BassRoutes builds artists' exposure through highly customized portfolios, targeted media campaigns, and focused public relations. Whether a need for stateside representation, help with the US Visa process, copywriting, or music graphics, BassRoutes is organizing creative visions to best connect musicians to their audiences.

What’s the story? How did this punk kid get here?

Chemynne Perlingieri has been a rebel on a mission since an early age, implementing creativity and independence from the norm at every turn. At 16, this teen with a pink mohawk started college and secured her own downtown San Diego storefront, selling hand dyed fabrics custom sewn into funky garments. A love for silk-screening and alternative prints motivated her to head east to earn a degree in Textile Print Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She spent the next near decade doing prints for home furnishings, surfwear, and other apparel companies on both coasts. For five of these years, Chemynne hustled her side-business 'EarthCouture'—a hat company using trim from the fabric industry waste stream—starting a lifelong journey toward planet-sensitive work.

Looking to further expand design skills, Chemynne went back to school for Graphic Design, earning a BFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. There she absorbed the science of branding, business, and marketing. The next several years were spent at three key design agencies in SF, working on everything from trade show graphics for highly recognized brands like Volkswagen, to all kinds of print collateral, art books, and packaging.

Electronic music was really coming to the forefront at this time, but full time career and school didn’t leave much time for event-going. By chance, Chemynne caught her first jungle show mid 90s with Kemistry & Storm at a tiny art gallery near one of the university buildings — and a chord was struck. After being raised on everything from jazz, funk, and soul — to punk, ska, and hip hop — an immediate love was established for the sounds of drum and bass.


Looking for a route out of the rat race, Chemynne launched a small company dedicated to the pursuit of sustainable design, and left California for Bend, Oregon in 1998. Mulch Design would remain her full time platform for the next 21 years until 2019. Hundreds of brands were created for eco-motivated companies during this time—for green builders & architects; natural health clinics; organic chocolates, coffees, wines, & ciders; clothing companies; dispensaries, plant nurseries & land conservation organizations, hip bars and restaurants—have comprised Mulch Design’s client base. Choosing to work with smaller to midsize businesses was always the focus, guiding them into implementing more sustainable practices as well as lifting-up their brands. A few of her more notable projects have included brand work for the band Arrested Development, Of The Earth organic clothing; and Paul Hawken’s Natural Capital Institute. Chemynne also introduced a Zero Waste plan for the Oregon Winterfest, and spearheaded Basic Rights Oregon’s "Support Diversity" campaign, which helped to implement new state legislation introducing non-discriminatory language in the work-place in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

With a tiny team and a big heart, Mulch Design cataloged years of award-winning work.

When did drum and bass really find its way into the mix?


Listening to drum and bass in the studio with other designers was a regular thing, and over time it went from a side hobby to a real passion. Noticing that DnB was simply not coming to Bend—in fact rarely to Oregon overall—Chemynne decided to “try out” a monthly in 2005. Mulch Design backed the events for years while JUICE Drum and Bass was getting established. Chemynne worked tirelessly at the night concurrently with her design career—in order to afford to keep the music coming to the state.

Moving North to Portland in 2009, JUICE grew as a staple in the Pacific Northwest electronic music scene—hosting some of DnB’s finest over the years including DJ MARKY, LTJ Bukem, Goldie, Dub Phizix & Strategy, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Bladerunner, Total Science, Lenzman, Big bUd, Kubiks & Lomax, ASC, Method One, Stunna, Quadrant & Iris, Random Movement, Artificial Intelligence, Dave Owen, T.R.A.C., MC Fava, Atlantic Connection, Utah Jazz, dBridge, OmUnit, Technimatic, Zero T, Spectrasoul, LSB, DRS, Digital, Commix, Command Strange, Emma G & MC Tali, Marcus Visionary, KJ Sawka, Mizeyesis, Alibi, Ben Soundscape & Collette Warren, Redeyes...the list goes on. The sound and culture of JUICE continues to this day to be represented through international shows, regular livestreams on twitch, and ever-fresh merch.


Another decade passed deep in the industry of drum and bass, and Chemynne was really finding that her ‘passionate hobby’ had become a proper full time job. Juggling both the design studio and producing DnB events, it was time to shift away from constant design work, in order to move closer to the ‘dream career.’ This dream is the place where over two decades of design, marketing, business, branding work, and a love for drum and bass—could merge together. Always on the path of being an entrepeneur—and piqued with the interest for helping international DJs to navigate the complexities of obtaining US Visas—Mulch Design was retired; and Bass-Routes, LLC was born at the end of 2018. Emerging from a devotion to the music and a drive to support the artists on a deeper level, BassRoutes is the ultimate vehicle through which she can use a lifetime of skills.


With nonstop tenacity and 24/7 commitment to the industry, Chemynne is still a rebel with a cause. Bringing fresh energy into the current mix of limited US-based agencies focused on DnB—BassRoutes heavily supports the genre stateside by providing a more personalized and comprehensive approach to help artists expand their North American presence.


Currently representing a humble roster of internationally-known artists, BassRoutes, LLC is growing gently and is dedicated full-time to drum and bass music, the artists, and the culture.


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